Championships of The Small States of Europe - Liechtenstein 208


We are starting the day with the brilliant news from Liechtenstein! Our athletes successfully participated  In the Championships of the Small States of Europe which was held in Liechtenstein on 09 June 2018. Our Athlete, Hasanova Zakiyya won the silver medal on Women 100m event with the 11.61 result which is the new National Record! Her result in 200m was more successfull. She won the 200m event with the result of 23.56 (it didnt ratified as the new National Record as the speed of the wind was +2.4) and got her Gold Medal!

Our Male Athlete Rahib Mammadov also won the Gold Medal in 110m Hurdles with the result of 14.06!

Below you can see the all results of our athletes in the competition