Our fellow countrymen were awarded by the Ministry of Sport of Russia

May 25 at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth, and Tourism has been held a Award Ceremony for the best teachers of the department "Theory and Methodology of the Athletics Im. Ozolina NG".

For a great personal contribution and merits in sports science and education, by the order of the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Kolobkov P.A, the following employees of the Russian national track and field team were awarded by the Medal of Petr Lesgaft.

  1. Professor MIRONENKO Igor Nikolaevich, KPN, coordinator of the work of the Complex Scientific Groups, Honored Coach of Russia; Mironenko Igor was born in Azerbaijan and was the member of Azerbaijan National Athletics team. He was Triple Jumper. Famous Azerbaijani coach, Honored Coach of the USSR Afgan Safarov was his coach.
  2. Associate Professor MIRZOEV Oktay Mirza-ogly (Mirzojevic), kpn, head of the group of sprint and barrier run, Excellent worker in physical culture of the Russian Federation; Oktay Mirzoyev also from Azerbaijan and he is the member of the Azerbaijan Athletics Team and always helps to coaches and athletes of the Azerbaijan. He is also the Statistician of the Azerbaijan Athletics Federation. In 2014, Oktay Mirzoyev worked as a Technical Operations Manager during the European Youth Olympic Trials in Baku in 2014. He also participated as NTO in Athletics Competitions during the Baku 2015 European Games and helped organizers in the organization of Athletics Competitions.

Both of mentioned Azerbaijani specialists, currently live and work in Russia.

We congratulate and we wish new achievements in sports science and successes in qualitative preparation of experts for track and field athletics!

Photo: Rusathletics.info