World records ratified: Duplantis’s 6.18m pole vault and Yeshaneh's 1:04:31 half marathon

Armand Duplantis’s world pole vault record of 6.18m and Ababel Yeshaneh’s world half marathon record of 1:04:31 have been ratified.

Duplantis breaks record on back-to-back weekends

Sealing the victory at 5.94m, he continued with a first attempt clearance at 6.00m before having the bar set at 6.18m. Once again he sailed well clear on his first attempt.

“I felt like I was over it and once I was going over I knew I had it,” he said. “You can’t tell how far away you are from the bar but it felt like a good jump from the get-go.

“It’s the best little split second," he added. "Everything builds up to that little split second and the freefall was magical." 

Yeshaneh smashes half marathon record

Yeshaneh took command shortly after the two passed 15 kilometres (45:38), eventually covering the second 10 kilometres segment in 30:54 before forging on to a commanding victory.

“I didn’t imagine this result,” said Yeshaneh, whose previous best of 1:05:46 had stood as the Ethiopian record for a five-month period between 2018 and 2019. “I am a world record holder!”