World Athletics launches the world’s first 3D virtual sports museum

World Athletics has today announced the launch of a 3D virtual museum of athletics, bringing a new level of innovation and creative technologies to the world of sport.

Known as MOWA, the Museum of World Athletics™ is the first sports museum to be established solely in the digital world.

It offers visitors an interactive journey through the history of athletics and the sport’s flagship World Athletics Championships, highlighting many of the legends of the sport.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said MOWA was the perfect platform to showcase the extensive heritage of athletics, a foundation sport and the No.1 Olympic sport.

“We are delighted to be the first international sport federation to bring a 3D virtual sports museum to a global audience,” Coe said. “Through MOWA, sport and museums fans from around the world will, without the geographical limitations of a physical location, be able to discover the fascinating history of athletics, and the amazing achievements of our athletes. It is particularly exciting to launch this project at a time when the pandemic has limited the ability of fans to attend sporting events or visit museums in person.