World Athletics launches Global Conversation

For the very first time in our history, World Athletics is reaching out to the entire international athletics community to participate in a Global Conversation.

This year World Athletics has committed to developing a World Plan for Athletics 2022-2030 in consultation with its Member Federations and other key interest groups, including athletes, coaches, officials, fans, schools, meeting directors, partners and media.

The World Plan will be a key document for all involved in the sport, setting out a roadmap for the growth and development of athletics through to 2030.

Global Conversation to shape the future of athletics

By initiating the ‘Global Conversation for the Future of Athletics’, World Athletics wants to give everybody involved in athletics, no matter their background, role or location, an opportunity to be heard.

“Today, we are embarking on an unprecedented Global Conversation with all those who love our sport and want to have a say in its future,’’ World Athletics president Sebastian Coe said.