European Athletics Artwork Prize Competition is announced

European Athletics is inviting painters, graphic designers, and other artists to create a work of art that can be reproduced and given to the recipients of the European Athletics Women’s Leadership Awards 2021 in recognition of their service.
How to participate
The artwork should be a A4 size (21x29.7 cm), which can be a painting, drawing, or a print
i.e. two-dimensional, not a sculpture.
Among the ideas that should be incorporated into the artwork are:
• The sport of athletics (running, jumping, throwing and race walking) and its
associated values such as competition, health and fitness, discipline, education,
quality of life, etc.
• Women
• Leadership
• Strength
• Celebration
Please use the link below to fill in the form to participate to the competition.

To complete the nomination form, please click on the link below.
The deadline for submission is Tuesday 31 August 2021